July 26, 2019 in Brown Sheep

A Quick Guide to Weaving with Brown Sheep Yarns

We are excited to see weaving take off in popularity this year. Many crafters are branching out and expanding their repertoires into some form of weaving – rigid heddle, floor loom, or tapestry. Brown Sheep yarns have been used for weaving since our company’s beginning and continue to be a great choice for a wide variety of weaving projects. Here’s a run-down of our favorite weaving yarns and how to use them.

Cotton Fleece and Cotton Fine

With 80% cotton and 20% wool, these yarns are strong, durable, and low-maintenance to clean. Cotton Fleece is the DK weight version of this yarn and is perfect for rigid heddle weaving. Cotton Fine is the fingering weight edition – and is available on cones, especially handy for floor loom weaving projects. We love Cotton Fleece and Cotton Fine for handwoven dishcloths, hand towels, and baby blankets!

Recommended setts:

  • 10-12 epi for Cotton Fleece
  • 15-16 epi for a blanket with Cotton Fine
  • 18-20 epi for a more dense fabric (dish cloths or towels) with Cotton Fine
Twill Dishcloths by jenniferknitifer on Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/jenniferknitifer/hand-woven-wash-cloths

Nature Spun

Nature Spun is durable and smooth with 3 plies, making it perfect for rigid heddle or floor loom weaving. That’s why Schacht Spindle Company includes 2 skeins of our Nature Spun Worsted in every Cricket Loom kit! New weavers will find this is the perfect yarn to dive into weaving. Nature Spun is made in four weights and over 80 vibrant colors – a great choice for scarves or cozy blankets. Here is a free pattern for a cozy Woven Blanket Cape made with sport weight.

Recommended setts:

  • Nature Spun Fingering: 16-18 epi
  • Nature Spun Sport: 10-12 epi
  • Nature Spun Worsted: 6-9 epi
Pixelated Scarf in Nature Spun Worsted by Celia Llopis-Jepsen
First Woven Scarf by Caitlin F @cozybirdhouse

Interested in tapestry weaving? Our single ply yarns including Lamb’s Pride, Lanaloft, and Top of the Lamb are ideal for weaving tapestries! Single ply yarns are also great for rigid heddle weaving – both for warp and weft, as long as the warp isn’t under too much tension!

Project inspiration for tapestry weaving:

Ocean Sunrise by Nancy Magyar made with Lanaloft Sport
Vanilla & Chocolate tapestry sampler by Cheryl Hamilton Allen, woven with Lamb’s Pride Bulky
Ven Beske works with Top of the Lamb at our recent workshop on Navajo Weaving

We know there are plenty of weavers out there making amazing things with our yarns! I think weaving tends to be shared less on social media than other crafts – but do consider posting pictures of your projects online so that we can share and enjoy your creativity!

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