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We are a family owned and operated spinning mill celebrating 40 years of making wool yarns in the USA

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With our unrivaled color palettes and multitude of weights and fiber blends, find the perfect yarn for your knitting, crochet, weaving or felting project. Why choose wool? Among its many natural properties, wool is absorbent, breathable, warm, and pliable. Our wool yarns are spun to be smooth enough to wear and are vibrantly colorful

Check out Spinning Yarns, our new online community for sharing ideas, projects, encouragement, and inspiration! Spinning Yarns is a space for handcrafters around the world to connect with each other and share photos, ideas, tips, and more.



Brown Sheep Company, Inc. is committed to producing quality wool and natural fiber yarns.  As a three generation family business, we are proud to carry on the tradition of making exceptional products with attention to detail every step along the way. We value each employee who contributes to our spinning, dyeing, packaging, shipping, and every process in between.

Wool is resilient, adaptable, and timeless. We strive to emanate those same qualities as a company by bringing you consistently excellent yarn, while continuing to advance by developing new products and continually improving our practices to invest in the future.

Made with integrity from our mill in Nebraska, we know our yarns bring happiness, joy and warmth to handcrafters across the country and around the world.


“As a weaver, knitter, and crocheter, I’m always looking for high quality yarns in a wide variety of colors and textures. I also feel great about giving my business to you knowing that I’m supporting a multigenerational farm that is committed to sustainability. Thank you for your commitment to fantastic yarn made the right way!”

– Ashley N.

“I love Brown Sheep Yarns because they are so reliable. I trust completely that I’ll be able to afford the yarn, that it will be nice to work with, and most importantly that my project will look nice for years to come. For these reasons I particularly love using Brown Sheep Yarns for large projects like sweaters. I’ve been using Brown Sheep Yarns for a decade now and have never been disappointed.”

– Mel S.

“Brown Sheep Yarn is my trusted friend when I want to knit. The range of weight, color palette, quality and availability is unmatched. I have made sweaters, socks, hats, mittens and blankets with every available option, and it always works out. People I’ve taught all love it too. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with next.”

– Liz S.


Whether you’re looking for an old favorite or wanting to try something new, browse our 12 lines of yarn to find the perfect choice for any project.

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Fuel your passion for knitting, crocheting, or weaving with our American-made wool and natural fiber yarns. Fill up your stash with quality yarns spun and dyed with sustainable practices. All orders ship out from our mill in Nebraska.


We are passionate about educating, sharing and learning — from yarn production to skills in the fiber arts, we want to make sure valuable knowledge is shared among generations.


Experience our mill in Western Nebraska and learn how we make our yarn from start to finish. Our mill outlet shop offers a variety of seconds and unique yarns, along with needles, souvenirs and more.


School is in session at our new Fiber Arts Schoolhouse. Advance your knowledge in a variety of handcrafts with workshops at our historic school, located just across from the mill.


Read our monthly posts on a variety of topics: new products, tips and tutorials, and updates on what handcrafters are creating with Brown Sheep yarns.


Browse our selection of knitting and crochet patterns– many are free downloads! We offer a variety of accessories and garments from beginner to advanced level.