General Knitting Instructions & Abbreviations

When you choose wool and natural fiber yarns from Brown Sheep Company, you can be assured that you are getting the finest quality and highest value yarns available. For four generations, the family of the Brown Sheep Company has taken pride in raising sheep and creating yarns worthy of the finest garments.

Every effort has been made to assure that our pattern instructions are complete and accurate. We suggest that you read through the entire instruction before beginning work. Directions are written for the smallest size with larger sizes in parentheses. Holders and markers are needed for all designs. They are not necessarily mentioned under materials.

Gauge is important! The gauge determines the size of your finished garment. Make a swatch at least 4″ square. Measure the number of stitches rows over center 2″. If they do not correspond to given gauge, change needle size. Go to smaller size for more stitches and larger size for fewer stitches.

Colors given in directions are those used in photographed samples. Alternate color combinations are available through your local yarn shop, or call Brown Sheep Company Customer Service for more information.

When there is more than one color used in a design, all contrast colors will be given in alphabetical order. When working with more than one color, carry color not in use loosely on wrong side of work. Be careful to maintain gauge. When changing color, pick up new color from under dropped strand to twist yarn and prevent making holes.

Garter ridge: Knit 2 rows. Circular knitting: knit one round, purl one round. (ie: Three ridges equal 6 rows.)

Knitted seam method: Place shoulder stitches on parallel double pointed needles with right sides together. With third needle, *k1 stitch from front and back needle together*, repeat between *s once, pass first stitch over second stitch as to bind off. Continue in this manner, knitting 2 stitches together and bind off one stitch until all stitches are bound off.

Markers:To mark a row or stitch, fasten a CC thread as indicated in instructions.

Reverse stockinette stitch: Purl on right side and knit on wrong side of work. Circular knitting: purl each round.

ssk (Slip, slip, knit): Slip 2 stitches, one at a time, knit-wise, to right-hand needle. Insert tip of left-hand needle into fronts of the stitches and knit them together.

Stockinette stitch: Knit on right side and purl on wrong side of work. Circular knitting: knit each round.

Work even: To work without increasing or decreasing and keeping to pattern as established.

Garment care: Proper care of your garment adds to its life. We suggest a gentle natural fiber shampoo to bathe your favorite knitwear.


beg begin(ning)
bet between
BH buttonholes
BO bind off
CC contrast color(s)
cn cable needle
CO cast on
dec decreas(e)(ed)(es)(ing)
dpn double pointed needle(s)
E(O)R every (other) row (rnd)
est established
inc increas(e)(ed)(es)(ing)
k knit(ing)(s)(ted)
k1-b k1 in back loop
k2tog knit 2 sts together
LH left hand
M marker
MC main color
meas measures
ndl needle
p purl(ed)(ing)(s)
p1-b p1 in back loop
patt pattern

pM place marker
rem remain(ing)
rep repeat
RH right hand
rnd round(s)
RS right side
rev St st reverse St st
sl slip
sM slip marker
ssk slip, slip, k2 tog
st(s) stich(es)
St st stockinette stitch
tbl through back loop
tog together
WS wrong side
wyib with yarn in back
wyif with yarn in front
yb yarn back
yf yarn forward
yo yarn over
* * repeat directions between asterisks
indicated number of times
[ ] repeat directions between brackets
indicated number of times