April 13, 2017 in Brown Sheep

Visit Us in Western Nebraska

Summer 2021 update: We welcome travelers this summer! Our outlet shop is open for business on weekdays and mill tours are available on a limited basis by request.


Our outlet store is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  In our outlet store, you can browse our “seconds”; that is, any yarn that has a flaw such that we can’t sell it wholesale.  This yarn may have knots, slubs, or be off-color.  Many of our handpainted “seconds” are experimental colorways that you won’t find anywhere else.  Our seconds are sold for $15.00 per pound for solid colors and $30.00 per pound for handpainted yarns.  We also carry a variety of needles, buttons, books, and accessories.


Note that although our address is listed in Mitchell, we are located in the country between Mitchell and Scottsbluff.  Feel free to give us a call if you need help finding us!



Directions to Brown Sheep Co.

From the South on Hwy 71: take Gering exit. At first stop sign take a left; Old Oregon Trail road will go over and around Scotts Bluff National Monument. At the next stop sign take a left; go 2 miles until you see the Haig schoolhouse and take a left. You are here.

From the East on Hwy 26 (going through Scottsbluff): go approximately 1/2 mile west of Maverick station and Chili’s restaurant.  Take the Hwy 92 exit to the right, taking a clover leaf turn over Hwy 26.  At first stop sign, turn right and continue West for 4 miles until you see the Haig Schoolhouse and take a left. You have arrived.

From Mitchell: turn South by the Quivey Bed & Breakfast; go 5 miles south on S Mitchell road to the T-intersection at the top of the hill.  Turn left, go 2 miles until you see Haig Schoolhouse and turn right.  We are located just South of the Haig School.

From the North on Hwy 71: turn right at Maverick station & Chili’s restaurant corner and go approximately 1/2 mile west.  Turn right onto Hwy 92 over the clover leaf.  At first stop sign, take a right and continue for 4 miles.  At Haig Schoolhouse, turn left, you’ve made it!