June 28, 2019 in Brown Sheep

Rolling Out New Yarn Colors for 2019

The process of creating new yarn colors is always an adventure. We begin with a review of the previous year’s colors — we take a look at which hues, shades, and color families were most popular. Then, we take a close look at color predictions for the upcoming year and decide which up-and-coming colors might be missing from our current lineup. Finally – the most challenging step – formulating the colors in the dye lab to match our visions for new hues.

It’s always exciting to finally introduce our new colors and see how knitters and crocheters respond. This year’s lineup is a mix of new neutrals, soft earthy tones, some luscious new heathered blends, and a few bright pop colors.

Prairie Spun DK: As always, these colors are inspired by the Nebraska prairie. Earthy, yet bold, are two new solids — Anaheim Pepper, a pleasant rusty red, and Polished Jade, a soft and comforting green. Parchment and Reclaimed Wood are two warm neutral blends of cream and light brown.

Lanaloft: Introducing Ironwood and Green Agate. Remember that each of these are available in sport, worsted, and bulky weights!

Burly Spun: Persian Peacock and Glacier Ice are two new heathered blends — a close-up look reveals the colorful blend of turquoise with black and white fibers. Rooster Red would make a gorgeous chunky fall accessory.


New Lamb’s Pride hues are rustic and and antique. Mauve Dust and Misty Blue are pastel heathered blends with white fiber. Antique Brass and Glacier Ice also add to our line-up of popular heathered yarns – these are beautiful for felting or enhancing the stitch definition of any project. Greybull is a new taupe grey neutral to add to your stash.

We’ve added some brights to Nature Spun this year. Nectarine and Magenta add a happy pop to the Nature Spun palette, perfect for color work.

Also new to Nature Spun is a dark heathered grey, Black Oak. Here you can see how it differs from the other greys – this new shade is a blend of black with just a touch of white. It’s an excellent choice for a sweater or for pairing with the other gray shades.

Wildfoote Sock Yarn: we’ve formulated two new handpainted colorways: Mermaid’s Tale for lovers of wild, crazy socks and Spring Forest for an interesting, more subtle blend of color. Lush Meadow is a soft, pleasant green to add to our solid color lineup.

Finally, we’ve added some bold brights to Cotton Fleece & Cotton FineTiger Lily, Sunbeam, and Purple Basil. Dove grey is the perfect neutral gray to accentuate other colors. Purple Agate is a more muted, soft purple shade.

We can’t wait to see which color becomes your new favorite!


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