May 31, 2019 in Brown Sheep

Crafting for a Cause

We love knowing that our yarn goes toward making the world a better place! Knitters, crocheters, and handcrafters of all kinds are so generous with their time and talents. Today we’re sharing some tips for crocheting or knitting for charity causes.

The possibilities are unlimited — a crafter can get involved in anything from a small, local organization to a huge, international charity movement.

Looking to support a local cause? Check to see if your local knitting guild has any ongoing charity projects. Hospitals, NICU centers, women’s shelters, and even elementary schools are great places to ask about needs.

The internet has allowed charitable knitting projects to explode in popularity. Here are just a few options to look into:

Team Blanket by Mason Dixon Knitting: many knitters have used our Lamb’s Pride Worsted to knit squares for blankets that will be donated to individuals in need.

Wool-Aid provides warm woolen sweaters, vests, mittens, hats, and blankets to children who live in cold climates and have little access to resources. Their guidelines require at least 80% wool — which makes almost all Brown Sheep yarns perfect options for a Wool-Aid project. Nature Spun, Lanaloft, Wildfoote, and Lamb’s Pride would all be excellent choices.

Operation Gratitude sends care packages with a handmade scarf or hat to military service members. These items can be made with any yarn, but subtle dark colors such as blues, browns, greens, and grays are recommended.

Knitted Knockers are special handmade breast prosthesis for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a masectomy. These knitted or crocheted prosthetics are a soft, comfortable alternative to traditional ones which tend to be expensive and heavy. Cotton Fleece is a great choice for this project.

Selecting yarns for charitable projects:

-If you’re creating a project for a major organization, they probably have specific guidelines for fiber content, color, and size of the finished projects. Be sure to plan ahead and match your project with the guidelines listed.

-If you’re making a project for a local charity, be considerate about choosing a yarn that doesn’t require a lot of special care. Superwash wool yarn such as Stratosphere or another low-maintenance yarn like Cotton Fleece or Cotton Fine are ideal.

We know a ton of crocheters and knitters out there are using Brown Sheep yarns for wonderful causes and we’d love for you to share photos and stories with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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