September 24, 2021 in Brown Sheep

Can’t Miss These New Colors!

We are excited to roll out some new colors for fall 2021 — these fluorescent colors couldn’t be any brighter!Look no further for the ultimate “pop” colors. We’re offering 5 new fluorescent hues that will be available in 4 weights each.

These colors do have an interesting backstory (as it turns out, many of our well-loved colors do)! As a side project here at the mill, Robert (one of the company owners and and avid fly-fisherman) took on color development for fly fishing strike indicators — basically, very brightly colored wool! It turns out that wool is ideal for fly fishing because it sheds water quickly, making it float easily on top of the water.

Burly Spun in Glowing Grape, Dragonfly Green, Firefly Yellow, Cosmic Pink, & Campfire Orange

Once these vibrantly bright colors had been developed, we decided to release them to the crafting world by adding the new fluorescent hues to some of our color line-ups.

Lamb’s Pride in Firefly Yellow, Dragonfly Green, Campfire Orange, Glowing Grape, & Cosmic Pink

What would you make with these colors? I’m thinking a pair of can’t-lose mittens would be ideal for my toddler! For anyone who loves to wear bright colors, these would be the ultimate accessory to stand out from the crowd.

Prairie Spun DK in Molten Magenta, Cadmium Yellow, Energized Purple, Dragon Fire, & Electric Lime

These brand-new colors are fresh out of the dye vats here at the mill. They are available through your local retailer or on our web shop. We’re adding each of the 5 fluorescent colors to Lamb’s Pride (worsted and bulky), Burly Spun, and Prairie Spun DK.

Here is a colorful look at the new yarns on our color-card machine — this creates small strips of yarn showing each color to send to our retailers.

So, what would you make with these standout colors?


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