October 8, 2021 in Brown Sheep

Celebrate Socktober with Brown Sheep

Happy Socktober!

‘Socktober’ is not just the perfect portmanteau of ‘sock’ and ‘October.’ Socktober is perfect because for many of us, this is the time of year when we first start feeling the chill of the coming fall and winter season. And where do we feel it first? In our extremities: our fingers and toes.

So for Socktober this year, we dug into some of the best patterns using Brown Sheep Yarns. While we absolutely love a yarn like Wildfoote (washable wool and nylon in over 25 colors? Yes, please!), there are so many sock patterns to explore that are available in our wide range of yarns. Socktober doesn’t have to be strictly socks. As far as we’re concerned, anything that keeps your feet toasty warm counts!

Cowichan Style Socks

hand knit cowichan style socks
There are so many things to love about these Cowichan Style Socks. First, they’re worked in four colors of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, so this is a great opportunity to play with color. Second, they feature a slip-stitched reinforced heel flap, so they’ll last for years. And third, they look super comfy and warm—these will definitely double as cozy slippers for padding around the house.

Widdershins Socks

hand knit cabled socks

The Widdershins Socks are a very popular sock pattern, and it isn’t hard to see why. The fetching cable that travels from toe to calf, the snug fit that makes them very shoe friendly, the toe-up design so you can try on as you go. It’s a classic sock worked in just 2 skeins of Wildfoote Sock Yarn—perfect for Socktober!

Fleeced Boots

hand knit boots with fluffy fleece lining

The Fleeced Boots by CocoKnits feature her “extreme thrumming” technique. All we can think of is how warm these booties look. They’re the kind of knit you’d want to live in this winter. Worked quickly in Lamb’s Pride Bulky, the insides feature the fluffy thrummed wool. We suggest grabbing some of our wool roving to make them super soft and warm!

TV Time Socks

hand knit ribbed socks in purple and grey

The TV Time Socks make the enticing claim of being so fast to knit, you could complete them in a single TV binge watch. Since they’re knit in Burly Spun, our super bulky 100% wool, it’s not hard to believe the claim. We also love that you only need a single skein of Burly Spun to make a pair. Challenge accepted!

Tingvoll Slippers 

hand knit fair isle socks in red and white pattern

The Tingvoll Slippers feature enchanting Faroese patterning throughout, even in the sole. All that stranded colorwork translates to a pair of slippers that is both incredibly warm and durable. And if you aren’t fully convinced you need a pair, maybe this will help: the slippers are available in 3 sizes and all you have to do is change the yarn to make the size you need. For the small, use Lanaloft Sport Weight. For the medium, use Lamb’s Pride Worsted. And for the large, use Lanaloft Bulky

Alberta Clipper Socks

Simple ribbed socks in grey with contrast toe and heel

Sometimes you want a simple pair of socks with a little contrast in the toe and heel. Rated for the advanced beginner and voted easy on Ravelry, the Alberta Clipper Socks are a classic design, great for those just starting on their sock-making journey. Knit in Nature Spun Worsted, these are the kinds of socks you’ll make again and again. They’re a great gift for yourself and others!

One-Two-Three Slippers

knit ankle socks

Finally, if you’re looking for something really quick, definitely check out the One-Two-Three Slippers. So named because they are worked in One piece, in Two colors, and available in Three sizes, the One-Two-Three slippers are a fast knit in Lamb’s Pride Worsted and another project that would make a great gift for anyone on your list this upcoming season.

Do you have a favorite sock pattern? Are you knitting socks this Socktober? Let us know on our social channels, where we will be posting more socks this season!

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