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All-time Favorite Projects to Felt

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If you’ve worked with wool, then you probably have at least a little bit of experience with felt… whether on purpose or not!

When felting is intentional, it’s an amazing way to create dense, sturdy, warm fabric that can hold up to wear and tear. If you’ve felted something on accident… well, you probably won’t make that mistake again.

For those who are new to felting, here is the basic idea: begin with an item that is loosely knitted (made with wool!). Add some soap, hot water, and agitation from a washing machine and watch as the knit stitches magically fuse and shrink together to form a heavy, thick, woolly fabric. The felted item will continue to shrink together as the felting process goes on. (Click here for a brief felting tutorial.)

We’re seeing a lot of excitement grow around felting and we’re so ready to see a new wave of felting projects! This month we’re sharing some all-time classic felting projects that knitters have been enjoying for years. Our Lamb’s Pride is a well-loved felting yarn, but many of our 100% wool yarns such as Nature Spun, Lanaloft, and Shepherd’s Shades are wonderful for felting, too!

Felted slippers are an absolute necessity for any knitter. You’ll never go back to the store-bought kind once you’ve wrapped your feet in the warmth and fuzziness of a pair of felted slippers.

felt slippersWe love the Felt Clogs by Bev Galeskas for a classic pair of custom-fit slippers.

felt bootsThe Moonkoosa boots from tiny owl knits are and adorable option, especially for babies and kids.

felt mittensYou can’t beat felted mittens for warmth and sturdiness. Another Bev Galeskas classic is the Snow Country Felt Mittens from Fiber Trends.

felted basketFelted containers like baskets and bowls are a practical way to add some color and natural fiber to your home. Try Cat Bordhi’s Felted Moebius Basket for a unique design.

felted tote
Fulled Lopi Tote
felt bag
Lucy Bag

You’re definitely going to want a felted tote bag, purse, or project bag. A couple favorites are the Fulled Lopi Tote and the Lucy Bag.

felt yoda hatFinally – just for fun, the Felted Baby Yoda Hat. This pattern has been around since 2006! There’s so much potential for cuteness here.

What are your favorite felting patterns?


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