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9 Felted Holiday Projects!

Felt Cute, Might Make Later

What’s more fun to craft when the weather starts to dip than felted projects? With the holidays coming, decorations that can be quickly knit and then felted feels seasonally appropriate. And, less overwhelming than all of our other gift crafting! Take a break from knitting and crocheting for loved ones to make something special for the home. These projects would also make lovely housewarming or host gifts this season. They are also all fairly quick to make. So, if you need any last minute gift ideas, these work!

There are so many Brown Sheep yarns in all the weights you need to create fulled projects. Depending on the weight called for, we offer an appropriate yarn for all of the following decorations. Crafters can use Nature Spun (fingering, sport, and worsted), Lanaloft (sport, worsted, bulky), Top of the Lamb (sport, worsted), Prairie Spun (DK), Lana Boucle (worsted), Shepherd’s Shades (bulky), Nature Spun Chunky (bulky), Burly Spun (super bulky), and of course our go-to for felted projects, Lamb’s Pride (worsted, bulky). To learn more about substituting Brown Sheep yarns in your projects, visit our handy guide.

1. Christmas Tree Ornament

green felted christmas tree made of yarn with yellow star on top

This cutie Christmas Tree Ornament is a cinch to make with a little green yarn. Gauge isn’t super important, so make that decision based on how big you want your ornament to be. If you want to hang it on the tree, aim for something DK or finer. Want a pillow? Try bulky or even super bulky yarn!

Find the free pattern for the Christmas Tree Ornament here.

2. Felted Holiday Ornaments

a triptych of photos stacked vertically show felted gingerbread men ornaments, felted bauble ornament, and felted christmas tree ornaments

This trio of holiday ornaments makes a great project for first-time felters. They are a simple, fast knit that require light felting. Half the fun is in the decorating afterwards, so get out your beads, sequins, metallic threads, and glue! The decorating alone would make this a fun project for the whole family.

Find the pattern for the Felted Holiday Ornaments here.

3. Knitted Fruit Basket Ornament

a tiny felted basket with felted fruit

This adorable knitted fruit basket includes the instructions to make the tiny apples and pears to put inside it. We love how it looks hanging from an evergreen branch. It would be a very cute place to stash some holiday treats for little ones to find, too! It’s a fast, simple knit with so many applications. Plus, it looks just as nice felted as it does plainly knit—although the felting does make it look more finished!

Find the free pattern for the Knitted Fruit Basket Ornament here.

4. Colorful Felted Christmas Stockings

a trio of felted holiday Christmas stockings

The colorful felted Christmas stockings use approximately two skeins of Lamb’s Pride Bulky. A straightforward knit, the stockings knit up quickly on US size 13 needles. While we like colorwork Christmas stockings, they can feel fussy to knit. It’s a lot of work from cast on to bind off! We like these stockings because they feel like a clean canvas that you can adorn however you see fit. Add a little surface embroidery, monogram a name, or sew on buttons, sequins, and other embellishments.

Find the pattern for the Colorful Felted Christmas Stockings here.

5. Nordic Nisser

a trio of felted gnomes

Can’t you see a group of these Nordic Nissers lining your mantel this holiday season? Another quick knit worked in bulky weight yarn, these nissers (or gnomes) are perfect for using up leftover bits of yarn. All of the gnome is put together before felting, giving each gnome a unique look.

Find the free pattern for the Nordic Nissers here.

6. Merry Minis Purse Ornaments

wreath with small felted purse ornaments

The Merry Minis Purse Ornaments are another great stash buster using approximately 50-75 yards of DK, sport or worsted weight yarn. These would make a unique holiday gift, especially if you put a little treat inside, like a gift card.

Find the pattern for the Merry Minis Purse Ornaments here.

7. Felted Snowman

felted snowman with hat and scarf

The Felted Snowman is another fun knit for dressing up your mantel or nestling in the evergreen boughs. The body is knit while the nose is crocheted. The knit hat and scarf is a great finishing touch—and a good use for small scraps of yarn!

Find the free pattern for the Felted Snowman here.

8. Felted Tannenbaum

felted christmas tree with bead decorations

The Felted Tannenbaum features so many adorable details. Knit top down in the round, the beads are crocheted in during the increase rounds. Knit in Lamb’s Pride Bulky, the frilled pine needle sections that provide the tree with its distinctive evergreen shape use bits of Nature Spun sport. The sport weight yarn is looped into sections after the body of the tree is finished. Ingenious!

Find the free pattern for Felted Tannenbaum here.

9. Woolly Brew Teacup Decoration

felted teacup ornament

Now that you have lots of little balls of yarn lying around from all the felting you’ve been doing, it’s time to make an ornament just for them! The Woolly Brew Teacup is such a cute ornament for the Christmas tree—or for hanging anywhere, really. It uses less than 40 yards of yarn, so you can make several with leftover scraps.

Find the free pattern for the Woolly Brew Teacup here.


Are you doing any felting this holiday season? Let us know! Looking for general instructions on how to felt your knitting? Check out our post!

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