May 5, 2023 in Brown Sheep

MORE of our Favorite Shawls

selection of Knit and crochet shawls from Brown Sheep Company

We love shawls at Brown Sheep Company. They are probably one of our favorite things to knit. Shawls offer a fabulous canvas for playing with color, texture, and shape. And, they’re a great all-seasons accessory. Last year we talked about some of our favorite spring shawls and we’re back again this year with even more!

It should come as no surprise that we’re big shawl fans. For one, we host a mystery shawl knit along every spring. We’re in the middle of one right now, and you can still sign up to participate. Until May 16, get free shipping on our special MKAL kits and all orders of Nature Spun Sport with the code NSSMKAL. Our knitters in the Spinning Yarns MKAL forum have just started working on Clue #2, and the shawl is already looking so beautiful. Something about the emergence of daisy stitches and the switch to a bright yarn really drives home that spring is here!

Today, we’re sharing more of our favorite shawls in Brown Sheep yarns. If you love to knit shawls, sign up for this year’s MKAL to start knitting Tonia Lyons’ True Blue Shawl! We hope you enjoy our other favorites below.

Lofty Ambitions

Three images show different views of a bright red and multicolor knit shawl with cablework and striping details

The Lofty Ambitions Shawl was the subject of our 2022 spring MKAL and there’s a lot to love about it. Designed by Aud Bergo and knit in Lanaloft and Lanaloft Hand Painted, the undulating cables and multicolor stripes proved addicting to knit. Knitters had a lot of fun choosing their color pairings. We really enjoyed seeing all the creative choices! You can see some of the finished shawls here.

Download the Lofty Ambitions Shawl.


Swift as an Arrow

A hand knit shawl in three gradations of turquoise and featuring both colorwork and lace lies on a wooden bench

2022 was a pretty special year, because we actually did two shawl MKALs! Swift as an Arrow was the subject our fall 2022 MKAL. Designed by Mone Dräger, Swift as an Arrow’s design made the best use of Shepherd’s Shades. Shepherd’s Shades was designed to create gradients, with colors dyed in sets with hues in light, medium, and dark. Swift as an Arrow illustrated how much fun it could be to play with Shepherd’s Shades gradients. Knitters chose whether to have their shawls develop from light to dark or dark to light, and watched the lace and mosaic arrows grow as their shawls progressed. You can see all the variations in the forum here.

Download Swift as an Arrow.


Sunheart Shawl

A triptych shows a sage green shawl worn close to the next in several ways. The shawl has lacy stitchwork, garter stitches, and a picot edging

The Sunheart Shawl is a brand new shawl pattern, and we already love it. The lovely textural details exemplify the crisp, smooth finish of Nature Spun Sport. A lace motif pops against a background of garter stitch. The picot bind off is also such a nice finishing touch.

Download the Sunheart Shawl.


Stripes, Interrupted

A triptych shows a blue and white striped shawl interrupted with sections of lace in brown and white

The stripes in Stripes, Interrupted feel mesmerizing. Knit in Wildfoote Luxury Sock, striped rows of stockinette stitch are aptly interrupted by garter eyelets and a windowpane slip stitch pattern. The result is bold and graphic, yet very wearable.

Download Stripes, Interrupted.


Tarwe Shawl

The Tarwe Shawl in Prairie Spun DK has so many textural details that make it fun to knit. Worked from the bottom tip up, it features sections that play with the same or similar lace motifs and seed stitch in different combinations. There are seed stitch rows enclosed by lace diamonds, smooth stockinette pauses, and a rich bottom border blooming with plant-like lace. “Tarwe” is Dutch for wheat, and we think the design encapsulates the name perfectly.

Download the Tarwe Shawl.


Cross-Country Shawl

The Cross-Country Shawl is a lace love letter. Crocheted with Lamb’s Pride Worsted, the diamond lace motif creates an airy, openwork shawl that looks like a pleasure to both crochet and wear.

Download the Cross-Country Shawl.


Glover Wrap

Knit in Prairie Spun DK, the Glover Wrap exudes spring with a fall of lacework leaves that flow into one another. The Glover Wrap also offers intriguing construction. The knitting begins with a provisional cast on at the center, with both halves then worked in the opposite directions one at a time.

Download the Glover Wrap.


Do you have a favorite spring shawl you love to wear? A shawl pattern you knit again and again? Let us know in the comments below!

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