January 10, 2017 in Brown Sheep

Knitting is For Kids, Too! How Knitting Fosters Positive Childhood Development


crochetWhen you think of children’s arts and crafts, you might not automatically picture knitting with wool yarn. But fiber arts can be a lot of fun for kids — and it will help their development in more ways than you might realize.

Knitting helps with physical development

There are many physical effects of knitting for adults; many of them find that taking up knitting can help them control their weight, quit smoking, or improve dexterity in arthritic fingers. But when children learn how to knit or crochet, they will develop a considerable amount of fine motor coordination that can help them throughout their lives. In addition, use of cotton yarn can quickly teach kids the importance of proper hygiene: dirty hands mean yucky yarn!

Mental capacity can be improved by knitting or crocheting

Recent studies have found that having increased mobility and dexterity in the five motor muscles — especially those in the hand — can help to stimulate brain cell development. By strengthening these muscles, kids will also be strengthening their brains. Involvement in knitting has been linked to better skills in math, reading and comprehension, problem-solving, critical thinking, and an overall desire to learn. It’s also been shown to help increase a child’s sense of personal responsibility, focus, creativity, and persistence — all of which are traits we’d love for our children to possess.

Children who knit have a better emotional well-being

Of adult respondents who participate in knitting or crocheting groups, 78% said they felt more social as a result, while 59% said they felt happy and 53% said they felt proud due to their involvement. Children who learn to work with fine cotton yarn on knitting projects reap many of these same benefits. They often exhibit better social behaviors, an increased sense of teamwork, and state that they feel calm and happy when they knit. It can also help ease anxious or self-conscious children by presenting them a way they can cope with stress. Both the process and the end product result in an overwhelming sense of self-esteem and personal joy.

Overall, knitting is so much more than a hobby. It provides a creative outlet for people both young and old and results in better physical dexterity, a more focused mind, and a calmer emotional state. Our high quality cotton and wool yarns can play a part in helping your child find a fun and beneficial activity they’ll love. To find out more about our products, please contact us today.