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Favorite Brown Sheep Patterns of 2022

A selection of knit patterns from 2022 in Brown Sheep Yarns

The new year is a fantastic time to reflect on last year’s accomplishments. As a company with a 40+ year history producing yarns—many of them unchanged since inception—when we reflect on the previous year, the focus is less on ourselves. We have the pleasure of so many dedicated crafters utilizing our fibers to express their creativity. When we reflect on the previous year, it’s to admire how our yarns have inspired some truly beautiful patterns and projects. There is no greater honor for us than to be a part of the creative process.

So, to celebrate the launch of this new year, we’d like to pay homage to some of our favorite pattern releases of 2022. It was hard to choose, because there were so many wonderful patterns released last year. Below you’ll find our picks in five different categories: sweaters, hats, cowls + shawls, socks, and mitts + mittens. We hope they inspire your crafting this year and beyond.


Passade Pullover

A triptych of images show different views of a pullover with elbow length sleeves knit in a taupe yarn and embellished with slim winding cables

Published early last year in the Spring 2022 issue of Interweave Knits, the Passade Pullover in Cotton Fleece won our hearts immediately. The slim, twisting cables at the center bounded by climbing columns of ribbing, the wide neckline, and the abbreviated sleeves all lend Passade a soft, feminine elegance. The whole silhouette, design, and styling feel like a knit interpretation of an Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau poster. It was a lovely way to launch 2022.

Find the Passade Pullover here.

Dizen Sweater

A triptych shows 3 views of a woman wearing a dark sable green knit sweater with a complex cable design

The Dizen Sweater published late last year, but it didn’t escape our notice. Knit with Prairie Spun DK, the lush warmth of the Dizen Sweater is readily apparent. The hypnotic center cable panel marries beautifully with the braided cables that beset it, and we really love the little touch of the broken rib in the collar and cuffs.

Find the Dizen Sweater here.

Grapejuice Sweater

A quartet of images show an Asian woman wearing a cropped bright orange knit sweater with bobble and cable details

The Grapejuice Sweater also published in late 2022 and quickly earned a spot on our list. Knit with Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Orange You Glad, the Grapejuice Sweater is a great lesson in proportions. The bobble-adorned cables and moss stitch center panel scream texture, but the cropped silhouette corrals everything together in a really neat frame.

Find the Grapejuice Sweater here.


The Snugglebunny Beanie

A flat lay photo of a dark navy knit hat with white colorwork bunnies and a faux fur pom pom.

Appropriately released in the spring, the Snugglebunny Beanie was an easy favorite. A quick knit in Lamb’s Pride Bulky, this is a great hat for new colorwork knitters. The design is sweet, simple, and great for adults and kids.

Find the Snugglebunny Beanie here.

Rock ‘n Roll Beret

close up of a white woman wearing a black knit beret with silver metal grommets adorning the brim

Berets never go out of style, so we knew we’d love the Rock ‘n Roll Beret. Knit with Lamb’s Pride (check that mohair halo!), smart, fashionable silver metal grommets elevate the Rock ‘n Roll Beret to a whole other level.

Find the Rock ‘n Roll Beret here.

Balsam Point Hat

A white woman wears a turmeric colored knit hat with textural details

The Balsam Point Hat offers knitters a versatile accessory with just a touch of something special. Knit with Prairie Spun DK, the rickrack reminiscent pattern looks like cabling, but no cable needle is required. It’s a lovely unisex design that feels both timeless and contemporary.

Find the Balsam Point Hat here.

Cowls and Shawls

Lofty Ambitions Shawl

Three images show different views of a bright red and multicolor knit shawl with cablework and striping details

We had to include the subject of last spring’s mystery knit along, the Lofty Ambitions Shawl! The perfect blend of color and texture, the Lofty Ambitions shawl invited knitters to pair coordinating or contrasting colors of Lanaloft Sportweight and Lanaloft Handpainted. Our knitters had a lot of fun finding their perfect match—you can see some of their work in our Spinning Yarns group here.

Find the Lofty Ambitions Shawl here.

Poppy Cowl

A knit colorwork cowl with orange flowers and green details

The Poppy Cowl released last January and offered knitters a really lovely option for a late season knit. Worked in Lamb’s Pride, the bright, boisterous flower design added a fabulous burst of color for the winter months. The Poppy Cowl is great for knitters who are new to color work as well, as no more than 2 colors are ever worked per row.

Find the Poppy Cowl here.

Swift as an Arrow

A hand knit shawl in three gradations of turquoise and featuring both colorwork and lace lies on a wooden bench

We had to include the subject of our Fall Mystery Knit Along, the Swift as an Arrow Shawl, because it’s as beautiful as our mystery shawl from the spring! Designed to showcase our Shepherd’s Shades yarn, which is dyed in gradients of light, medium, and dark, Swift as an Arrow played with color and texture in a really fun way. Our mystery knitters had a fantastic time choosing their favorite gradients and deciding whether they wanted their shawls to grow from light to dark (as seen above) or dark to light. You can take a peek at some of the results here.

Find the Swift as an Arrow Shawl here.


Creede Co Socks

 A single sock knit with blue and white yarn in a textured striped and slipped stitch pattern lies on the floor

Inspired by the mining town of Creede, CO, the Creede CO socks calls for Wildfoote Sock Yarn in two colors, which seems like a great opportunity to incorporate Wildfoote Hand Painted as well! The design may look complicated, but it’s actually just a series of simple knit, purl and slipped stitches.

Find the Creede Co socks here.

Eagle Creek Socks

Cream colored knit socks in a wavy textural pattern worn by an unseen person rest on a white fleece blanket

The toe-up Eagle Creek Socks are a quick knit in Prairie Spun DK. The chevron pattern adds nice textural interest, and the abbreviated length mean you only need 1 skein of Prairie Spun to complete them!

Find the pattern for the Eagle Creek Socks here.

1861 Civil War Socks

legs cropped at the calves wear turquoise sweats and a pair of handknit blue socks fitted over the turquoise sweatpant bottoms with black boots below

There is a lot to love about the 1861 Civil War Socks. First, they’re an adaptation of a sock pattern that ran in 1861 in Scientific American to encourage knitters to craft military-style socks for soldiers. Two, the pattern includes a selection of soldier sock knitting quotes from Little Women. And finally, the pattern is free and written for Nature Spun Fingering.

Find the 1861 Civil War Socks here.

Mitts + Mittens

Blue Beary Mitts

A pair of handknit fingerless knits featuring colorwork depicting bears in profile in colors of blue, white, and brown

The Blue Beary Mitts have so many cute details for lovers of color work. The Latvian braid cuffs, vertical striped ribbing at the fingers, and adorable bear pattern all contribute to a pair of mitts that look like a lot of fun to knit. Knit with Nature Spun Sport, they’re also definitely a warm, soft, durable accessory for winter and beyond.

Find the Blue Beary Mitts here.

Fallin’ Mittens

A pair of blue mittens with white colorwork snowflakes lies on the ground with fresh fallen snow

Knit with Lamb’s Pride, the Fallin’ Mittens sport so many fun details. The always lovely stranded colorwork snowflakes, feather and fan-style cuffs, and the sweet small snowflake duplicated in the afterthought thumb create a stylish knit that should engage the knitter from cast on to bind off.

Find the Fallin Mittens here.

Victorian Muffatee No .4

A single mitt knit in a two-color textural pattern worn by a woman's hand

Victorian Muffatee No. 4 is another pattern translated from an old publication, this time from 1845. The title of the publication is an absolute delight: The Hand-Book of Useful and Ornamental Amusements and Accomplishments, by a Lady. Translated and updated for today’s knitter, Victorian Muffatee No. 4 uses Nature Spun Fingering in a pattern that looks plush and warm.

Find the Victorian Muffatee No. 4 here.

Did one of your favorite Brown Sheep patterns from 2022 make our list? What was your favorite? Let us know!


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A selection of Brown Sheep patterns from 2022