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9+ Colorful Patterns to Brighten Winter Knitting

9 colorful patterns to brighten winter knitting

Winter begins to feel interminable around this time of year. But, as crafters, we have a great tool for combating the winter blues. Colorful knits! Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite color work projects to brighten up winter crafting. These hats, kid knits, socks, cardigans, and blankets should infuse the late winter season with some much needed color.

Looking for some color work knitting tips? Check out our tips & tricks for knitting color work and our insider secrets for selecting and pairing colors together.



April Showers Beanie

A multicolor hat with a colorwork design featuring pink flowers growing out of a green brim, blue rain falling above, topped by a yellow sun pom pom

No, it isn’t spring yet, but the April Showers Beanie is a great way to usher in the next season. Knit in 5 different colors of Nature Spun, this adorable beanie features a green grass brim growing pink flowers on a rainy spring day. The color work in this hat is perfection. We only just noticed the genius of the yellow pom pom—it’s the sun!

Knit the April Showers Beanie in Nature Spun.


Undergrowth Hat in Nature Spun

A blue and silver knit hat shown in side view and from above featuring an intricate floral colorwork design

Interested in some more advanced color work? The Undergrowth Hat might be just what you’re looking for. Knit in two colors of Nature Spun Sport, it starts with a double braided brim and then moves upward, growing into a beautiful leafy design. Shown from the side, it looks like a leafy canopy. Shown from above, and a flower blooms.

Knit the Undergrowth Hat in Nature Spun.



Lana Boucle Colorblock Pullover

A child with raised arms wears a hand knit colorblock pullover in red, gold, and blue

What’s more fun than a quick, colorful kid’s sweater? At the largest size, the Lana Boucle Colorblock Pullover only requires 2 skeins each of 3 colors of Lana Boucle, but the smallest size only calls for a single skein each. We think children will love wearing this fun sweater as much as you’ll enjoy knitting it!

Knit the Lana Boucle Colorblock Pullover.


I Heart You Sweater

A child wears a handknit sweater featuring rows of colorwork hearts in various shades

It’s impossible to pick our favorite version of the I Heart You Sweater in Nature Spun. There are so many amazing color combinations. It’s one of those patterns that seems to make every color pairing work, no matter how daring or seemingly contrasting your choices may be. The one bummer? No adult size. Although we imagine some smart, intrepid knitter may be able to size it up using Nature Spun Chunky

Knit the I Heart You Sweater in Nature Spun.



Bandelier Socks

3 different views on a pair of intricate colorwork socks in pink, red, purple, blue, and cream in an indigenous-style motif

Grab your Nature Spun Fingering scraps and cast on a pair of Bandolier Socks. These socks feature a very fetching floral design that looks very different, depending on color choice and placement. Not for the faint of heart, we recommend these warm, plush socks for experience color work sock knitters.

Knit the Bandolier Socks in Nature Spun Fingering.


Turkish Walrus Socks

Hand knit socks featuring thick stripes of color and curling flourishes between each stripe

If you’re new to color work socks and want something slightly less challenging but still colorful, the Turkish Walrus Socks may be a great choice for you. Knit in four colors of Nature Spun Sport, the wide stripes feature a curling flourish that keeps the pattern interesting and elevates the design above other striped sock patterns.

Knit the Turkish Walrus Socks in Nature Spun Sport.



Dreamcatcher Cardigan

3 views of a circular handknit cardigan featuring wide, striped sleeves and a multicolor dreamcatcher design on the back

The Dreamcatcher Cardigan is a uniquely beautiful, statement piece. The knitting begins with the back, starting with the circular dreamcatcher design and working outward. Knit in 6 colors of Shepherd’s Shades, the sleeve hems, collar, placket and bottom hem of the cardigan feature a stunning reversible stripe motif. This cardigan is like wearing a work of art.

Knit the Dreamcatcher Cardigan in Shepherd’s Shades.


Laura’s Cardigan

side by side views of a hand knit, multicolor short sleeve cardigan featuring both stripe colorwork and plaid colorwork

Laura’s Cardigan has lot of little color work details that we love. The vertical stripes in the button placket, neat plaid hem to match the plaid yoke, and feminine tailoring make it a really special knit. And, while the color work appears complex, it’s actually a mixture of simple slipped stitches and intarsia. Also, the pattern calls for Cotton Fine, which makes this a great transitional knit as we move into spring.

Knit Laura’s Cardigan in Cotton Fine.



Drumlin Afghan

Knit with as many colors of Cotton Fleece as you see fit, the Drumlin Blanket features an attractive, plush ridge-like texture that shows on both sides, so it’s totally reversible. You can knit the wide stripes in one color, as shown in the two below images, or in two colors, as is shown in the top image, for a tone on tone effect. Only one color is worked per row, however, so this is very simple color work at its finest.

Knit the Drumlin Blanket in Cotton Fleece.


Station Wagon Blanket

Modern Daily Knitting never ceases to surprise up with excellent, addictive patterns in Lamb’s Pride. Remember Kiki Mariko? We’ll never forget it. The Station Wagon Blanket in Lamb’s Pride is a contender for our new favorite, though. It’s a stashbuster, its knit modularly so it’s a BLANKET you can knit ANYWHERE (that alone is a feat!), and the seaming is part of the design. Genius? We think so.

Knit the Station Wagon Blanket in Lamb’s Pride.


We hope these projects have inspired you to infuse some color into your late winter crafting! Do you have a favorite color work pattern in Brown Sheep yarns? Let us know!

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9 colorful patterns to brighten winter knitting