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Waverly Wool: Needlepoint yarn of many, many colors!

Waverly Wool: Needlepoint yarn of many, many colors!

Imagine the possibilities of having more than 400 colors to choose from in vibrant, sturdy wool yarn. Waverly Wool, our line of needlepoint yarn, is one of our most versatile products.  Waverly wool is ideal for any project that requires a wide range of hues (such as needlepoint!) or, a very specific color match. Every color is available in a small 8-yard hank or a full-size skein, so it’s perfectly useful for small embellishments such as wool embroidery or entire projects.

8-yard hanks

Every color is spun (with U.S. grown wool) and dyed right here at our mill in Nebraska.

Skeins (162 yards)

Needlepoint is the craft for which this yarn is primarily designed–however, the color range and sturdiness of this yarn are perfect for a wide variety of unique and interesting handcrafts.

Want to learn more about traditional rug hooking? Watch our Schoolhouse website for future classes.

We have a very talented local group who create wool rugs using traditional rug hooking techniques. These beautiful rugs are made with strips of wool fabric dyed in vibrant colors, as well as bulky weight yarns.

This special rug was designed and created by artist/instructor Libby Lundgren, who teaches traditional rug hooking at our wonderful schoolhouse located just across from the mill.

Waverly wool is an ideal yarn for binding the edges of wool rugs – a task which would usually require 3 strands of yarn.  The sturdy 3-ply construction of Waverly wool suits this purpose.  And with so many color options, it’s easy to find a perfect color match to coordinate with the rug. These finished handmade rugs are used both as wall hangings and actually placed on the floor—sturdy wool is able to hold up to an amazing amount of wear and tear!

The colors and textures in these rugs are simply stunning!


On another traditional craft note, Waverly wool in 8-yard hanks works well for small pieces of embroidery such as in Nicki’s Winter Mittens from a past issue of Piecework magazine.

Where will your crafting adventures take you with so many color options? Maybe a woven tapestry, a crochet project that combines hundreds of colors, or a needlepoint creation that will become part of your family history.

To see the colors most accurately, we have a color card book specifically for Waverly yarn that includes a sample strand of each color – be sure to order a copy for precise color matching.

As you browse the many, many color options, you’ll notice the products are divided into color families– here is a quick run-down!

1000 series: black, brown, white & neutral hues

2000 series: red & pink hues

3000 series: orange hues

4000 series: yellow hues

5000 series: green hues

6000 series: purple hues

7000 series: blue hues

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Waverly Wool: Needlepoint yarn of many, many colors!