April 15, 2022 in Brown Sheep

Spotlight on Lanaloft

Brown Sheep crafters know—and love—Lamb’s Pride. It’s an affordable, squishy-soft workhorse yarn with a list of intriguing attributes: it’s available in worsted and bulky weight, it felts beautifully, it comes in a huge palette of colors, and it includes a touch of mohair for that subtle but brilliant halo. But did you know we designed a yarn almost exactly like Lamb’s Pride to suit our mohair sensitive crafters? It’s time to get to know Lanaloft!

Wire basket of Brown Sheep Lanaloft yarn

Lanaloft: For Mohair-Sensitive Crafters

We created Lanaloft because we love Lamb’s Pride as much as you do. But, one of Brown Sheep’s family members is actually sensitive to mohair.  Her sensitivity made us realize: there are probably members of our extended Brown Sheep extended family who can’t use Lamb’s Pride for the same reason. And that just won’t do!

Enter Lanaloft. Lanaloft offers the same twist as Lamb’s Pride, minus the mohair. It’s a pure, 100% U.S. wool with a similar feel and texture to Lamb’s Pride. The absence of mohair just creates a yarn with a smoother, less fuzzy finish.

Similar Gauge & Weight to Lamb’s Pride

Lanaloft comes in the same weights as Lamb’s Pride and has a similar gauge. So, you can easily substitute it for any pattern you might use with Lamb’s Pride. It comes in three weights—sport, worsted, and bulky. In addition to skeins, we also offer the sport and worsted weight in one-pound cones to simplify purchasing for weaving and other large-scale projects like blankets.

Lanaloft’s Range of Color Options

We offer Lanaloft in 60 different colors including heathers, hand painteds, and solids. We may retire colors, but we also regularly add new colors. Lanaloft’s color palette is large and incredibly versatile, ensuring crafters will always find the exact color they need for their project!


Black and white wool being blended to create a Lanaloft heathered colorway
Natural roving being spun with black fiber to create Lanaloft’s heathered colors

To create our heather colorways, we first spin natural-colored roving with a silver of black or brown fiber. This creates a heather effect. Then, we dye our best-loved colors over the blended fiber. Some examples are LL41 Buckwheat, LL56 Blue Fir, LL33 Manor Grey, and LL72 Scottish Hillside. There are currently 11 heathered colors in the Lanaloft palette.

Example of Lanaloft heather colors
Lanaloft heather colors (l-r): Buckwheat, Blue Fir, Manor Grey, and Scottish Hillside


All 35 solid colors of Lanaloft

We offer 35 solid colors that pair beautifully with our heathered colors and, as you’ll see below, our Lanaloft Hand Painted colorways. With so many colors available, it’s a lot of fun to mix and match colors for crafting!

Hand Painted

Lanaloft Hand Painted colors in a basket
Hand Painted

As the name implies, we hand paint Lanaloft Hand Painted to create the special variegated colorways. You’ll recognize many of the same beloved hues of Lanaloft’s solid colors in our hand painted colorways. We want to encourage crafters to pair the solids, heathers, and hand paints together for beautiful, vibrant creations. Every color is available in all three weights, allowing the yarn to cover a huge line of potential crafted projects. Lanaloft is great for sweaters, shawls, mittens, blankets, and even felting projects.

Which brings us to…

Our Latest Mystery Knit Along!

2022 Mystery Knit Along

We’re hosting another mystery knit along! We had so much fun doing last year’s mystery knit along that we decided to host another one this year starring Lanaloft Sport and Lanaloft Hand Painted Sport.

The mystery pattern is a textured triangular shawl with fun pops of color. We’ve put together four colorways of Lanaloft Sport and are offering free shipping on the kits and all Lanaloft orders until May 17 with code “MayMKAL”.

Sign up here to join the MKAL and receive the clues by email. The first clue lands in inboxes on Tuesday, April 26, with the remaining clues emailed each Tuesday until the full final pattern is revealed on May 24!

At the end of the MKAL, 2 participants who used Lanaloft and Lanaloft Hand Painted for their mystery knit will be chosen to receive a $50 gift card to use on the Brown Sheep website.

Knitters must join Spinning Yarns and post a photo of their finished shawl to this group with the hashtag #BrownSheepSpringMKAL2022 to be eligible to win. Participants are encouraged to post photos of their finished shawl with #BrownSheepSpringMKAL2022 on Instagram and Facebook for additional entries!

We hope you’ll join us for our spring MKAL! Find your perfect colors of Lanaloft and Lanaloft Hand Painted and get ready to cast on the mystery shawl on April 26!

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