May 25, 2018 in Brown Sheep

Shawl Knitting Pattern Round-up

Shawls are wonderful to knit for so many reasons.  You can play with a new technique, use any weight of yarn, and have fun styling the shawl in all sorts of different ways. Shawls are a great “low pressure” project because the gauge usually doesn’t have to be super precise! Perfect for summertime de-stress knitting.

Looking for some lovely summertime lace to wear to a wedding or summer party? Check out The Little Arrowhead Lace Simple by Cheryl Oberle. This is a v-shaped shawl knit in Nature Spun Sport that would drape nicely over a summer dress.  It begins with a center-start square,  and two sides of the square are knit as the long sides of the shawl.  The entire shawl uses a single lace pattern.

You can’t go wrong with a knit/purl textured shawl, especially in a heathered yarn to show off the texture like our Prairie Spun DK. Block Fault by Owen Ellis reflects the lines of motion along which the earth’s geology changes.  “The ground moves under our feet, slowly – our markers, whether locking-ring or geological-survey, keep track of the motion.” Talk about a great conversation starter when someone comments on your knitted accessory!

If you want a creative challenge, why not give 2-color brioche a try? The lovely Sheaves of Barley Brioche Stole by Elaine Phillips is knit with 2 contrasting colors of Nature Spun Sport. The finished stole will be quite warm, so it’s a great accessory to prepare for fall. The brioche motif down the center looks like grains on a sheaf of barley or wheat.

A shawl with slipped-stitch color work is a great way to get a complex-looking pattern with simple knitting techniques! Plus, these two colors of Prairie Spun DK are so perfect together (05 Half & Half and 35 Honeycomb). Gintaras by Simone Kereit is inspired by a piece of raw amber from the shores of the Baltic sea. The name means Amber in Lithuanian.

Succulents are all the rage right now, so why not jump on board and knit a shawl inspired by succulent plants? Sempervivum by Christine Guest is constructed from hexagons inspired by adorable sempervivum succulents! It’s knit with Nature Spun Sport, and the possibilities are endless — you could modify the shape of the shawl by arranging the hexagons in different ways, or turn the motif into a baby blanket or afghan.

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