August 14, 2020 in Brown Sheep

Celebrate Granny Square Day with Brown Sheep Yarns

When I found out about the existence of Granny Square Day, it brought back some warm and fuzzy memories of projects past. Have you crocheted granny squares before? If so, you know they are just about the most relaxing, simple, and addictive little projects to make with yarn.

I’ve decided Granny Squares are basically the yarn-crafting equivalent of those popular adult coloring books–very meditative and the absolute best part is choosing which color you’re going to use next.  If you’re not familiar with them, granny squares are basically crocheted from the inside out and can be stitched together into blankets, bags, or scarves. I’m sure they seemed old-fashioned when someone decided to call them ‘granny squares’, but I find them to be quite cute and full of nostalgic charm.

To celebrate this little-known holiday, I wanted to make some granny squares to explore the idea of how different color themes can result in totally different kids of projects, even with the exact same pattern. 

Instead of squares, I chose to make ‘granny hexagons’ – for one, I think they are adorable, and also I crocheted an entire afghan of granny hexagons in my college days and it was the BEST stress reliever.

A quick disclaimer – I’m not really a crocheter – I can do a chain stitch and a double crochet stitch. Luckily that’s all you need to know to make these guys!

Color Theme #1: Classic Antique

These colors of Lamb’s Pride worsted are rustic and vintage-inspired, like the perfect thrift-store sweater. Celebrate the fact that cozy, muted tones like mauve and dusty gold have come full circle and are now totally hip again.

Featured colors: Mauve Dust, Misty Blue, Antique Brass, and Brown Heather


Color Theme #2: Modern Pop!These Nature Spun worsted colors are the brightest and boldest, for a brilliant burst of happy color. An afghan of these colors would light up an entire room. Just working with these colors is a definite mood-booster.

Featured colors: Magenta, Nectarine, Turqoise Wonder, and Spring Green

Color Theme #3: Natural Wonder

Earthy, natural, and soothing is the aura of this color scheme using Lanaloft worsted. These colors are reminiscent of taking a walk in the woods or relaxing by the campfire, and would set a calming tone for a living room or bedroom.


It’s so much fun to play with color combinations, especially when there are so many options. Which yarns do you have in your stash that might combine delightfully?

There are so many interesting types of granny of squares – many of which are much more complicated for you expert crocheters out there! So be sure to take advantage of Granny Square Day to browse through the hundreds of gorgeous projects and patterns – our Pinterest board is a great start.

Here is link to make the hexagons in this post: How to Crochet a Granny Hexagon

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Celebrate Granny Square Day with Brown Sheep Yarns