SPINNING YARNS: Brown Sheep’s Online Community

Welcome to Spinning Yarns, our new online community for sharing ideas, projects, encouragement, and inspiration!

Community and togetherness have always been central to handcrafts like knitting, crochet, and weaving. Yarn simply has a way of bringing people together to share and learn.  This space on our website is meant to provide a forum for handcrafters around the world to share photos, ideas, tips, and more—just like you might discuss in your local knitting circle.

Perhaps you’re passionate about a specific topic and want to discuss the intricacies of your craft with other like-minded artists – or maybe you’re new to a craft and want to learn alongside some new friends! We hope you will join a group that interests you or contact us to start one of your own right here on Spinning Yarns.

Do you have a local yarn shop nearby? Check and see if your shop has a Spinning Yarns discussion group so you can connect with others near you.

Discussions are not limited to Brown Sheep yarn only – that’s right, you can post about other yarn brands if you want to! We do ask that you follow a few of our ground rules: no politics and no put-downs to other participants. We reserve the right to remove any posts that don’t belong, so please keep your words encouraging and uplifting to others.

Help us make Spinning Yarns a positive community centered on our shared passion for yarn!