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"Dear Brown Sheep Company,"

Dear Brown Sheep Company,

Lamb's Pride has caused a rather odd problem in my household.  



More than 10 years ago, I knitted two scarves from Lamb's Pride for my partner.  They get daily use in the winter.  (We've lived in Iowa and Maine and Massachusetts.) But they have not worn out AT ALL! This is a problem because every time I suggest knitting a new scarf, the idea is rejected because the two Lamb's Pride scarves are still in great condition.
Just thought I'd let you know that the high quality of your yarn is sort of working against your sales Smile.       --sarah-marie.


We received this nice note at the mill a few days ago.  Not surprisingly, it brought to mind a book I had just read by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen, titled “Extra Yarn.”  This story features Annabelle, a young girl who finds a box filled with yarn, and she knits herself a sweater.  With the “extras,” she knits a sweater for her dog, her friends from school, her teacher, the mailbox, and on the story goes.  It seems that when we create for others, there is a sense of joy, pride, and pure happiness for making someone else’s day a little brighter.

That’s exactly how we feel about making Brown Sheep Company Yarn.  We have a sense of pride in making a quality product here in the USA for so many of us to enjoy both here and around the world.  We put love into each color, each line of yarn, so knitter’s will relish making items just as much as those that we give those items to will relish them.  It seems like yarn just comes full circle.

Here is our response to Sarah-Marie:

Dear Sarah-Marie,

We are so happy that your Lamb’s Pride scarves are still in great condition.  Perhaps you could tell your partner that you need to make more scarves, (or a hat and mittens to go along with the scarves) just for the sheer pleasure of making things for others.

Keep up the great knitting,

Brown Sheep Company