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Brown Sheep Company: The Prequel

Peggy Jo (Brown) Wells grew up in a home where handwork was encouraged.  She was an avid seamstress and knitter through her childhood and teen years, when she wasn’t out helping her dad with the tractor work on the family farm.

Before Christmas of her sophomore year of college,

Peggy Jo mentioned to her dad that she’d love to have a spinning wheel for Christmas.  She had seen one in operation at Pioneer Village in Minden, Nebraska once, and was fascinated by it.   When she arrived home for Christmas break, she could feel the excitement in the house.  Her dad wasn’t so good at keeping secrets, and he was really excited about something.  Peggy remembers, “I think that was the first and last time I ever knew of my dad to wrap a present, and he couldn’t wait for me to open it!”  Yes, it was a spinning wheel, and father and daughter spent all of Christmas break that year putting the wheel together, working it, and creating their own yarn.

Soon, Christmas break was drawing to a close, and it was time for Peggy Jo to head back to school.  Her dad commented, “I think I can take better care of that wheel than you can while you’re off to college, don’t you?”  Sure enough, it was kept right there at the family home, and dad kept it busy all through the spring until planting season started in earnest.

That , my friends, could very well have been the true beginning of Brown Sheep Company!  To hear Peggy tell it, that first spinning wheel never did make its way into her full possession, but she says, “That’s okay.  Dad has bought me a few others that I actually got to use over the years!”